Keeping your property looking clean cut is a great way to stand out​.

 Having a properly maintained lawn provides for a great foundation for any landscape. Turf mowing, edging, weed-eating, and debris cleanup will be provided each week as per agreement to promote a healthy lawn and neat appearance when you contact us today.

Our seasonal color and fertilization programs

Few landscape elements affect the overall appearance of a property more than flowers. Seasonal beds are an exciting and dramatic way to add beauty and value to any site. Properly designed & installed, seasonal flower beds will provide brilliant displays of color.

Keep your lawn looking its best with our fertilization program. Five applications of premium Fertilizer and Weed Control are applied at optimal times and soil temperatures throughout the season. This program includes a Spring Pre-emergent application. The fertilizer is applied in granular or liquid form to stimulate leaf growth, promote green color, and develop root systems.
Erosion Control
The powerful forces of uncontrolled water can be devastating to your property and your home. 

​Using proven methods including French drainage, redirection, subterranean drain pipes, and rocks, we'll work to prevent or stop any issues, ensuring the best landscape experience.
For more information, visit our Erosion Control page.

Pruning your trees and shrubs is essential to keeping your property well-maintained, but that's not all. Regular pruning ensures that your landscape doesn't become overgrown and your trees and shrubs don't become unmanageable.

It's important to use proper techniques and to know which technique to use for the best results.

Cleanup Programs
The best way to protect your investments is to keep your landscape free of leaves and debris year round. The fall / winter cleanup is part of the weekly lawn maintenance program and includes removal of all debris from landscape areas.

All of our programs: 
• Seasonal color programs • Fall and winter cleanup  • Fertilization programs
• Mulching, soil, and rock • Erosion control • Pruning

Lawn Maintenance

Mulching, Soil, and Rock
Adding mulch to your flowerbed or garden is one of the best things you can do for the life of your plants. A layer of mulch retains moisture better than bare soil, minimizing the need for watering. It also helps prevent soil erosion by acting as a barrier and lessening the force of impact when water hits the ground.

We can spread pine straw, bark, composts, potting soils, and playground chips for landscaping, lawn restoration, erosion control, and much more.