Control Erosion On Your Property
With the help of backyard design and maintenance, we can make sure that your property is protected, using proven methods such as French draining, redirection, subterranean drain pipes, and rocks.
Our goal is to give you the best possible landscaping experience, so call us today and discover which option works best for you and the vision you have for your property. The options to prevent erosion and protect your property are nearly endless.

Types of Erosion Control
• Infuse function and beauty with plants for erosion control
• Slit and mesh fencing
• Stone barriers
• Temporary and permanent solutions
Prevent Erosion Now!
No matter if you're looking for a temporary remedy such as slit or mesh fencing or want something permanent like a stone barrier, we have a solution for you.

Erosion Control

Stabilize Your Property With Erosion Control

Don't take a risk in losing portions of your property or home to the devastating effects of uncontrolled water damage and flooding.

Work with Backyard Design and Maintenance Inc. to craft professional erosion control for your lawn.